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I am a medically retired Army soldier and last fall I was off work from my full time employer due to some surgery. I went back to work but was recently diagnosed with cancer and am going back off work on short term disability, there is potential this could run in to long term disability depending on treatment. I am currently rated by the VA at 100%, my question is this, could I appeal for the 100% total compensation during this time that I am not working at my full time position? If so, how would I do that?

Second question, if anyone knows, are there any integrative cancer treatments available within the VA system?

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Are you 100% P&T, sounds like it, and from your question I cannot draw a conclusion on. If you are on short-term disability as a former SSA rep I would encourage you to first head down to the local SSA office and let them know you have cancer and at what stage, inform them you have short term disability plan and what the payment schedule is. The reason I am telling you this, is because potentially you would be immediately eligible for expedited handling and Medicare would put you on and your treatment(s), etc. will be conducted very soon. I helped out probably two-hundred citizens who otherwise were withering away desperate, with cancer progressing and getting penniless from treatment costs. So, as your first resource, please check that out. I have no idea why you would appeal 100% P&T, at that rate you are covered for any condition, for any treatment. I also had a form of cancer, the VA misdiagnosed me, typical no care attitude from them from my experiences. There are cancer treatment centers within some VA hospitals, yes. However, as poorly as the VA is ran, by the time you get any treatment it may be too late. My referrals would often take six to eight months for something simple as an MRI. Horrible. That is why I am encouraging you to go to the SSA. However, you may a great experience with the VA. For me, dental has been awesome, some of the best dentists I have ever seen. So, don't take me negatively here.
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