10year SFC spent all my time in Light Units


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I was pushed into a P3 lower after having 2 knee surgeries in 12months. I'm currently Tricare Prime Remote due to on assignment for Detailed Recruiter in ohio. So I see civ doctors then have to do the paperwork shuffle to get it sent to MTF. Wait for profile etc. my knee isn't better but insisted a P3 was the way to go. I've torn and had tears removed my medial and lateral meniscus, debriement of patella and femoral groove clean out twice. Which lead to ostioarthristis. Going into I had chrondomalcia left knee and tendinitis both ankles. I found out during my C&P I also have a bulging disc in my back and X-ray showed some docs height shrinking. Also pelvic X-ray showed a pice of bone floating at right hip joint. My worry is do you folks think I'll be able to get to 30% DOD? I also saw psych for ptsd, anxiety, depression. And neuropsych for tbi/ memory loss? My anxiety is killing me playing the waiting game and I have no one to talk to about the process that knows anything... Pls Help...


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It is going to take much more than the discussion of injuries to determine a potential rating. The long of the short is that I recommend that you take a look at AR 40-501 Chapter 3, and cross reference it against your entire electronic medical record.

Once you have identified each and every potential condition that you believe does not meet retention standards, then you need to download 38 CR Book 3 and compare every single condition that you have to the ratings schedule to see where it may be rated.

If your electronic medical record does not have enough information for you to come to a conclusion that is definitive for each condition, then you will need to make a medical appointment and ensure that you evaluated and there is electronic documentation to support the claim.

This is not going to be easy because you have a couple of hurdles, the first is that you are in a recruiting command, which are historically not very supportive of their personnel, due the their belief that the mission of recruiting comes first over anything.

The second hurdle is that you are going to more than likley be treated through Tricare and that the treatment notes may not make it into your electronic medical record. You will need to go to each and every single doctor/clinic and get paper copies printed to have scanned into your electronic medical record.

In my opinion, if you are serving near a VA hospital, try to get your treatment moved there (Tricare will pay).
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