1405 date??


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I was just wondering if anyone could help me figure something out. My apologies to non-Air Force members if I confuse you
I was reviewing my Career Data Brief today in the vMPF and there is now a date populated in the 1405DT field. Never before in my career has this field been populated. I do remember back during the fiasco that was VSP/TERA in 2014 some folks who applied for TERA seemed to think this was an early indicator that they were approved for their retirement. I was just wondering if anyone had more concrete information on what that could be.


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1405 is a date for people who have prior reserve service. It is the date your will collect your AD retirement from should you retire.

AD started 20 years ago
but 1405 date is 23 years ago
retirement is 56.5% vice 50% of high 3
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