15 year retirement meb


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I was just recently diagnosed with Lupus. Doctor is going to start an meb, I have 14 years in and will got 15 years 10 months from now. How possible is it i will be granted retirement? I'm almost positive I'll be retired from the Air Force but does that mean I will also get my VS? I'm positive I'll be near 100% from the VA but I won't have tricare. If I'm air force retired I'll only get around half my base pay but I'll have medical. Is it possible to get both?


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You cannot receive both VA and DoD payments. You will get whichever one is highest.

VA pay comes first to shield from federal taxes. Whatever DoD pay is left will be taxed.


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I just got my ratings for Lupus this week- it all depends on what kind of Lupus, how serious things are, what kind of medication you might be on, and how your symptoms line up with the VASRD.

If you havent already checked out militarydisabiltiymadeeasy.com, you definitely should. You can find some good explanations of how things work and even look up what the VASRD says about both Systemic Lupus and Discoid Lupus.


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I posted on the AF forum referencing AFI36-3212 Section 5C. I'm in a similar situation at 18 years. You are looking for CRDP at 15 years. Youd benefit from TERA because you qualify, but its not offered...or is it? There is a lot of conflicting informantion and I think if enough dogs start barking, someone is going to call animal control. I asked for a waiver. I see the panel/board next week. We'll see what happens.

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