18 Years 10 Months with Shoulder Issues


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Long time listener first time caller here and I am hoping that I can get some information about my future. Had a recent labrum repair and bicep tenodesis on my right shouder last April 2018, Im a little nervous that they will run me out of the Marine Corps after 18 years and 10 months. Had previous two TLD for this shoulder in 2006 when I had a rotator cuff repair and a bursectomy done and went TLD for a lower back condition in 2015. With this being my 4th TLD and the 3rd one for this right shoulder what are the risks that the board will cut my service short? I would really love to do 20 years of service...is there a way to drag this process in the event that the powers be decided that I am no longer fit for service just to make it to 20. My service records are squared away, evals are consistently on top and I have had no disciplinary issues whatsoever. Thanks for your help!


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At over 18 years, you can apply for limited duty and make it to 20. You should definitely not stress too much about losing your pension. 18 is the magic number.
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