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So heres my story i was an f-16 crew cheif with almost ten years in during my time i had a real bad angle injury and go figure the af drs said it was just a sprain ens up years later its still bothering me finally get a referal to a real dr and come to find out many torn ligaments and tendons. have to have surgery but was told damage was too bad and wont ever be corrected.
so i go threw meb and during this period my squadron begins forcing me to do pt tests even though im on waiver for everything except a waist measurement over the next year im constantly threated with article 15s for failed pt tests and told they are gonna kick me out....

so shortly after meb comes back with 10% and im fed up and accept it.

fast forward to va and they rate me at 40% for the injury and 10% for the scares

i submitted my package to pdbr 1/18/21 , it was accepted on the 19th and then on the 20th got an email stating the process of collection all relevant records is complete and the the application has been tranfered to adjudication

emailed the board on 3-29-21 and got a response that the case is being prepared to be sent to the board president for review/approval

anyone else have this all happen this quickly and what was the results


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I'm following. I just received confirmation of my packet being received. I would love it if my packet moved as fast as yours.