8-14-2017 Whats my estimated timeline?


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Hi guys,

My current place in the process is as follows:

17 MARCH 2017: MEB initiated
2 MAY 2017 : VA exams completed
6 JUNE 2017 : Signed for package
27 JUNE 2017 : Package accepted for action
8 AUG 2017 : Package at Line Officer for official determination (Fit or Unfit)

I was told by my PEBLO that there is a possibility I would be done in September but that was at the beginning of the process. I know everything is a case by case situation but I would like to have at least a general idea. I have 2 plans ready for either out come. Its stressful just waiting I guess, like living in limbo :). Does anyone at least have an idea of how long it takes for the Line Officer to review my package and make a decision at this point?

A friend of mine just for back his findings middle of last month and got his new EAS 29 September, so with terminal he's gone 30 Aug 17 since he already took his 20 days PTAD (45 days). he didn't track his process. I cant be like him, especially when you have tiny people depending on you - I have to plan ahead
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