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A little back story.......I'll keep it brief. I was in an auto accident in 2004, hit head on by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the interstate. Several surgeries and 2 years later I was medically separated with a 10% disability rating for severe right ankle immobility. My VA rating was 90% for my combined disabilities.
Here's where my confusion comes in. I was under the impression that the point of the PDBR was to reevaluate the initial ratings given at the time of separation and that ALL disabilities would be taken into consideration and ratings would be adjusted accordingly. I just received my ruling and received no change in rating with the explanation that the 10% was basically accurate and that no other disabilities applied. The VA determined all of my other disabilities were service connected thus the 90% rating.
Can anyone provide some clarity?


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You were medically separated at 10% DOD with severance pay, 90% compensation from the VA. Is your VA disability percent for your ankle also 10%? The PDBR is only going to look at the unfitting conditions. Without knowing more, it looks as though your only unfitting disability is your ankle ROM.
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