Accepted findings.


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Had a pre-hearing yesterday here in DC and I decided to accept the proposed offer PDRL DOD 30% VA 60%. My MEB process started in November of 2017. There were two conditions Radiculopathy and Knee Osteoarthritis that were not considered unfitting by the DOD and I was trying to get that reconsidered. VA rated the radiculopathy but did not rate the knee osteoarthritis (not service related). There were a few other conditions that were not considered service related but they were all documented in my service records.

What's is the best route to get that VA to reevaluate them and possibly have them added to my VA disability compensation? Attorney, VSO, apply online?

Thank you again for all the help. This forum is a great source of information.


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Hey quick question: if the two referring conditions weren't considered unfitting by the DoD, how did they recommend an unfit decision?
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