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Good Day All,

Heres some background information on myself.

I am a 21 y/o female nuke applicant and have been trying to get into the Navy since 20171025.
After a lengthy process of getting cleared from MEPS just to physical, I finally went this past Valentine's Day.
In order to get cleared to go to MEPS, I needed to get Full Orthopedic Evaluations on both of my knees, and my surgeon passed me completely.
Full Range/Strength/ Etc. Cleared for full, strenuous activity.
My previous injuries in question are my 2 R Knee surgeries. 2012- ACL Recon. 2014- MCL Repair.
I went to MEPS and passed EVERYTHING with flying colors. It was funny because out of all the females there that day, the Doc told me I was the most physically capable,
but I was the only one who got PDQ... So that was very upsetting.
They honestly didn't tell me why I was PDQ.. especially since he spent the whole exit interview giving me compliments on how I've "bounced back so well".
He was the same doctor that did my complete physical and an extra knee physical just to be safe.
I am assuming that it is because I have had multiple injuries on my same joint but on different ligaments.

My recruiter isn't telling me much, and is putting the blame on me. Same with the chief at the station. For me, I thought I was going to DEP in that day just because of how well it went.
I was absolutely crushed to find out otherwise. I went back to my recruiting station and the Chief there said he looking online and that it did say that everything was good, yet they still PDQ me.

I understand that these cases for N3M waivers are by a case by case basis, but I would like to see if there is anyone else out there with something similar?
Was anyone able to get an approved waiver? Was anyone able to "appeal"/request for a second review.
My recruiter isn't very knowledgable or helpful, as he was before. I feel a bit of a burden, I train frequently with a retired USMC Drill Instructor and he even says that I am at a full capacity. (I used to train with the Jr. Marines in High School).

Best Regards
And Thank you in Advance for any responses,

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