Adding new conditions after signing the NARSUM


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Hello all, a bit new here but my question is about adding a few new conditions after signing my narsum. I didn't have time to sit with anyone before inputting all my conditions. Now that I have some representation, I saw all the conditions I was eligible to list but did not list. Is it possible for me to now add all those conditions before the process is finalized?

PEBLO wants me to wait until getting out but I'm leaning heavily towards getting everything done before leaving. I've been told that I can do it when I get out, but I know thats going to be a difficult process and if I do it after ETSing, it's not going to be added onto my DOD rating, just the VA. Can anyone help point me in a direction?
Thanks in advance.


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I would make sure to get everything in your narsum. However, the additional things may not help your DOD rating. The DOD rating is only for your unfitting conditions. Not all conditions rated by the VA will be found unfitting by the PEB.


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Hi LoopWHOLE. This exact thing happened to me. First of all you can get things added. I signed my NARSUM. Then around two months later I had a heart condition that came up and I had my cardiologist fill in a VA DBQ and sign it. I took that DBQ with the office and echo test and tilt table test documents and sent them to my PEBLO and VA MSC. I told my VA MSC he needs to load them in his system and I also loaded them into my open VA case through Ebenifits. My PEBLO told me the same thing. Do it after but IT TOO HARD And you'll be waiting. The reason to do it now is if your still in the IDES and you are not at 20 active service years the lower percent you get affects your monthly payment.
So. Print off any DBQ for the new conditions and get the doctor to fill it out along with copies of the visit and any tests. Email it up to your PEBLO and VA MSC and if you have a PEB legal counsel send a copy to them. But send in one email to all three of them. Your PEBLO has a lot of case work and will do anything to not have to do paperwork. Mine tried that but I reported him to his boss.
For me, when my case was sitting at the PEB, I sent to my PEBLO, VA MSC and my PEB legal counsel that a new condition just happened and it is needing to be looked at for fit or unfit for service since its caused by my deployments. Be very nice and respectful to the PEB legal counsel they give you for free. Get them on your side and you request that your new conditions have to be looked at now. And they have to. They cannot say do it after your are discharged. Mine got sent back under an Error Code from the PEB to the MEB to look at and do a new NARSUM just for my new condition. Then they sent it back to the PEB and they found it to be unfit for service and I was able to get to 50% DoD on three conditions instead of just 40%. 40% of my basepay x 18 yrs of active duty wouldn't equal what I'd get if I was at 20 yrs of active duty. Big pay problem. So the 50% got me what I would get paid at 20% yrs active service. And I don't qualify for Concurrent Receipt. So I loose $1800 a month due to not having 20 active years. Don't get scammed over. Research this site hardcore. It will educate you better than any other place. Also check out for my information. Also if you are Army and have AKO you can check the status of your packet and number of days in IDES on the medical link. Good luck.
Ask any questions you need help with.
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