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Advertisement with Google have been a way that I have used to help defray the costs of running this forum. They were "fine" for that purpose and have definitely helped. Still, they always annoyed me (I have the ability to turn them off for certain groups or members, but, I kept them on for me so that I could see what members see).

Well, they annoyed me to the point that I have- at least temporarily- killed ads on the PEB FORUM.

I have some ideas about the way forward for the site and I think that there is a lot more that I can do to make the site better. My original hope (once upon a time) was that if every member who just dropped in and was willing to donate about $1 monthly, I would have enough money to make this community so much better (I just looked at Analytics and I am showing about 3K users logging in every month on average). With that kind of support, I think I could do incredible things with the site, content wise, site wise, and also thinking better, do great things advocacy wise (from providing pro bono legal services, to advocating for regulatory and statutory changes to the many challenging issues facing members, and to really strike forward with a comprehensive way to fix problems with the system. It may be my own fault for not being properly equipped with how to achieve that type of goal or to accomplish more. Still, the fallback to just treading water by using ads to support the site seems like it is not enough.

For now, no ads on the PEBFORUM while I consider the way ahead. I have some ideas (exciting to me) that I may take up and see if I can accomplish some of the bigger goals mentioned above. There is still a lot of work to be done with military disability issues and a lot better that the military and this site can do to support members. I want to make this site even better and will have further updates on an ongoing basis over the next few months.

Thanks for your service and if you participate or help here on the PEB Forum, a special thank you for your paying it forward to our fellow brothers and sisters in arms!
Hello @Jason Perry ,

Where can one make a donation to this board? I belong to another board for veterans and they accept donations; some have automatic renewals.

Thank you for all you do...

I would like to donate.

I will not miss the ads, even a little.

Send to
It was easy.

Looks like you may have missed a few lines of the Google Ads js script in your header. Got a few plain text lines floating at the top of your page.
Thanks to everyone who has donated. It is appreciated. Both on my behalf, but also for all the folks and their family members who are looking for information or help.

I actually, once again, have some skin in the game. My son is deploying to Afghanistan soon (yeah, I know we are drawing down and, yada, yada, yada....still doesn't change much as to my son's orders to deploy).

I always hope this site helps others. I think it could be better, and I strive to make it better. Truth told I have a portion to making that happen. But, really, it is the mods and the steadfast community members who keep this site relevant and helpful to others. So, to everyone who helps, thank you!
Hello @Jason Perry ,

You are too modest. Without you, obviously this forum would not exist. It is a unique community that benefits those going through the MEB/PEB processes very well.

It is also different from some other veterans boards where I have been a member. I liken it to a convenience store where people drop in to shop and leave after they find their product (in the case of this board, answers). Most seem to never return.

I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize @chaplaincharlie whose advice is available almost every day. His commentary often includes more than a just a stark reply.
I believe that characteristic is just as valuable as his accurate answers.

My thanks also to the moderators on this board and the frequent contributors who are not moderators.

@Jason Perry

You have helped me on two occasions (USAF Ret) and indirectly my son once (USMC ret). In the PEB process, other than service appointed legal counsel, no one represents the member. This forum was always there to provide input. Prayers for your son.

Thank you, but the credit belongs to Jason.
@Jason Perry -
Hey, Boss, just wanted to make sure you got my $250.00 I sent a week or so ago. :)