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I'm a full-timer (AGR = active duty) in the Air National Guard. I reach 20 full time years on 1 Oct 2018 and will go on terminal leave 1 July 2018. I have several issues that I have been waiting to report, for fear that an MEB would recommend separation for me and leave me short of my 20 year full-time retirement. Now that I'm within a year, I'm trying to figure out if now is the right time.
I'm a flyer and I know that several of the issues (probable sleep apnea, possible Meniere's disease, along with urinary frequency issues) will ground me.

My biggest fear is that I report these issues, they initiate an MEB, and the MEB process works too quickly and recommends separation for me, or even medical retirement. Since I'm so close to the regular retirement, I'd prefer to get that one and then have my possible disability payments on top of that.

So I have a few questions for anybody who can help me:
1. Would a separate MEB be initiated for all of these issues? Or are they all lumped into the same one?
2. Figuring a worse-case scenario, what kind of a timeline would you think this would all happen in? In other words, if all of these issues get diagnosed quickly, would there be a risk to me that the MEB process would close out too quickly and separate/medically retire me prior to me reaching my 20-full time years?
3. Could I reasonably extend any of the issues to get to the 20 year point? I know there are several avenues of appeals, which can extend the timeline. But what I don't know is if any of these issues could even be appealed. And I don't know how long of a time that would add to the process. I'm not trying to game the system by claiming something I don't have, but I do feel like since I'm so close to getting the 20 year retirement I really would like to make it to that point.

I know I can wait until perhaps the Spring or Summer to get these checked out, but several of them are really getting to the point where I'm not functioning as well as I should. Nothing life threatening, but extreme tiredness, periodic dizziness, etc. So I'm very anxious to get them looked at right away.

I don't know if this matters, but here are two things that may play into it: First of all, the Air National Guard apparently does not waive sleep apnea for flyers like the active duty AF does. The second thing is that technically I'm already eligible for the part-time retirement. I'm over 27 years at this point, so if I retired today I would get the part-time retirement when I'm 60 years old. Since that is 10 years from now, that would be a significant loss in income. So one worry is that the MEB would just say to retire me and only let me draw the part-time retirement instead of making it another 11 months to Oct 1st.

Thanks for any advice/help.
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