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I am not sure if this is the correct thread.
It will be 8 years in the Air Force in July 19. I am SF and i plan on making this a career. I have had problems with my legs and back. Legs since 2016 and back since 2018. My legs is the main issue, i am being told i have plantar fasciitis which is already in my records as of 2017. In 2014 records show that my L5 and L4 degenerate disc i believe. I am seeing acupuncture for my back. But as stated before i mainly get seen for my legs because it is affecting my job. I have been told i might have tibal tinnitus and compartment syndrome as of Dec 2018. I was told testing would be done to see if i have this condition. It is documented that my job does make my condition worse. My problems with my legs came from running and being very active. My PT scored are aleays above a 90. This Oct if i do not get off my profile i will be put up for Meb? Dawg? My question is how do stay in the military and hopefully inform the panel that i want to stay in but my job is the reason why my condition wont improve? I would like to retrain out of this career field. I have done physical therapy, injections, splints, acupuncture, and nerve block. What can i do to stay in the AF and retrain? Or should i just document everything and prepare myself? Quote Reply Report


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You must retrain before a MEB is started. During the MEB process retraining is not on the table.
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