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I have been diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic syncope and orthostatic hypotension. I was prescribed medication to help balance my blood pressure so I will not pass out. I have passed out maybe 3 times in the last year. A PEBLO contacted me and stated that she will be submitting an IRILO and that my commander will have to submit a Input letter. My question is, what is the likelihood that they will full MEB me??

I’m pretty new to all of this and any answers/advice is appreciated!!


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If you have been contacted by a PEBLO then I am fairly sure you are in the MEB process. I am thinking now you are waiting to have a review done and see if you are fit or un-fit for duty. I am still fairly new to this as well, and haven't gone through an MEB but am currently going through my fifth knee surgery and am certain an MEB will be my next step. Sometimes it is slow to get answers or posts get overlooked, so don't hesitate to bump your post to get it seen.


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The informal RILO will probably result in a formal MEB. Repeated loss of consciousness from a metabolic process is likely unfitting.
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