AF Form 1185 Commanders Impact Statement - My comments?


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First post, but have been lurking and searching. If I missed it I apologize.

So my CC sent me his 1185 for me to sign and it has a section for my comments? Is it helpful, harmful, best left alone?

This is my second MEB. Last one was back in 2013. I haven't taken a full PT test since my last deployment in 2011.

During that deployment I hurt my back (fused in 2014), been under the care of Pain Management for it ever since. I've had really bad migraines that flux between on every two month to one a week (where I an at now) and back again. I have been in meds for depression and anxiety since that deployment as well. Over the past two years been on several different meds for sleep problems (mostly insomnia) and also been on a CPAP since as well.

Ok. So condition has been worsening the past six months. Unable to go a full duty day...need to go home and take non-narcotic pain meds that still make me very loopy. When I have a migraine, with or without the meds I have to stay home.

My CC got the form and filled out his part....but there is a section for my comments.

I don't want to do something that hurts me, but I also don't know what to say, if anything at all.

I've fought to stay in since that last MEB, but I do see the writing on the wall. Getting out of bed every morning is a battle in itself, and keeping the facade of a strong nothing wrong face around the unit is wearing thin.

I am at 20 yrs, 5 months as of this posting...toom REDUX (planned to do 24 to bring it up above 50). I know I am not going to make it to 24 now. .not the way it's been going.

So do I just sign it blank, or do I add input?


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Is your cc stating in his comments that he wants to keep you or is the cc stating you are no use to him, due to your medical conditions. If the letter states no use to the cc due to medical reasons Or something of that nature and it helps you retire. I would just put. I conquer With the cc statement.


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If you complete agree with what you CC wrote, write "Concur" and sign.

If you don't concur, state write Non-concur and explain yourself.

If you concur but want to add something write Concur with additional information. Then explain yourself.

It is your chance to speak to the IPEB.
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