AF reservist and Ulcerative Colitis

AF Reservist

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Hello everyone,

I have been reading through some of the threads here but wanted to get some opinions about my situation. I am an Air Force reservist, with about 4 years in. Recently I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis - mild/moderate. I made some changes to my diet which helped me feel 90% better and after about a week of taking lialda I felt 99% good to go. My question is, is there way that I will be able to stay in? I have the intention of doing 20+ years and possibly even go active or AGR. My condition is completely controlled, I score high 90s on all of my PT tests, and can perform every single duty for my job and have no need for limited duty or profile. I will fight tooth and nail to stay in. Also, I recently went from enlisted to a direct commissioned officer in the medical service corps, if that makes any difference.

For the Air Force reserve, do I have a chance at staying in?

Will I be automatically sent to MEB?

I appreciate the feedback!

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