AF Reservist on MEDCON and Telecommuting: Education Options


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Hey folks,

Yes I'm in a unique situation. I'm an AF reservist and I'm on MEDCON orders for an ILOD injury that has ruined my life. While recovering and going through the MEB process, I have been remotely "stationed" at my home of record, and I am seeing civilian providers due to the rare condition I have and specialties required to treat it.

I am telecommuting for work, but the load is light, and I'm going out of my mind. I am very interested in taking some college classes, however I do not believe I qualify for Air Force TA in my situation, and I DO NOT have enough points for Post 9/11 GI Bill. I am in the AFW2 system.

Does anyone know if there are any programs that can help cover the cost of education while I'm in this waiting period during the MEB process, other than the two I mentioned above? Are there any programs through AFW2 that are perhaps kept hush hush similar to VocRehab?




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You should have a rep at Randolph that manages your MEDCON and what not, tell them, they might be able to help. I was in your boat but was not made to work other than required paperwork.
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