AFI 44-157


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Why is it that the AF took this off the ePub site? They also took off 48-123, another important PEB/MEB document?

Just curious, because I remember downloading it a few years ago when I was first separated.

I just looked, and they still have 48-123, its just changed since the 22 MAY 2001 edition, it's now four separate documents instead of one.


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I know 44-157 is still referenced in some publications but it was replaced by the MEB chapter in 41-210, Patient Administration, a few years ago. 41-210 and 36-3212, PEB AFI, are the two main publications for any AF member.


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I'm glad somebody still has a hold of these documents. I have NO IDEA why they would be removed from the e-pubs website. If it isn't one thing, its another.
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