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Air Force AD MH LDES


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Hello Everyone, I’m posting my timeline to help others going through the Legacy Route since I don’t see too many of those on here. I also have a couple questions at the end of the dates. The dates at the beginning are rough estimates to the best of my knowledge. I wasn’t completel

September 2020: Reached out to my 1st Sgt and went over my options regarding my symptoms

September 2020-
April 2021: Received care to try and Rehabilitate back into service. Met with supervision and medical Dr/ and psychological director on base to see what was the next step because my care was not working.

Last week of May 2021: Went on a TDY to be evaluated by the nearest MTF since all of my care was off base at a civilian office since I am located at a Guard Base yet I am Active Duty. The Evaluator agreed with my previous civilian Dr.s and the Guard medical Dr on my base.

July 17 2021: Met with my 1st Sgt then my commander the next day and reviewed the commander’s impact statement together (he agreed for do not retain since that’s the overall outcome that I felt that I needed and everybody agreed as well)

Aug 9: My PEBLO reached out to me with the initial packet to fill out and went over the initial briefing
Aug 10: filled out the initial packet and sent it back to my peblo
Aug 11: reached out to the ODC to receive my briefing between LDES and IDES
Aug 12: filled out the LDES form sent it back to the peblo
9/1/2021: Was notified by the PEBLO that the LDES form was signed off by the MTF/MEB Commander and the MEB/medical board at the MTF all concurred for an un fit determination for Adjustment Disorder with mixed Anxiety and Depression. The PEBLO then asked me to review my 4078 form (what looks like will be sent up to the IPEB) and I filled out the another form to not request an IMR and that I agreed with the MEB.
9/8/2021: Recieved the MyPers Email that my Package had been sent up to be reviewed then would be sent into the IPEB/AFPC

It’s been a long journey especially being assigned to a guard base and doing all the Active duty stuff through another base. The LDES process has been fast and I chose that route since I felt what was best for me in the long term. I hope to hear some good news soon. My questions are
1.) Does manning/numbers affect when AFPC will determine a separation date *if they choose to seperate
2.)Has anybody gone through
The process of requesting a sooner date for seperation from the PEBLO?