Air Force MEB- Refusal of Surgery?


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I hurt my back during a mobility excercise. It appears from the MRI and x ray that my heirnated discs have been pinching nerves causing numbness and limiting control of my bladder. I was on quarters for about 2 1/2 weeks. I have an appointment with neuro and urology in the next couple of days. My doctor told me that he would be starting a MEB based on their replys. Meanwhile, I am sitting at work in a wheel chair with extra clothes in my backpack in case I wet myself. I am on heavy medications such as diuladid and muscle relaxants. (The Air Force taking care of his people) My wife has to drive me to work. She has to get my small children up everyday, because we have only one vehicle and I am not supposed to drive. My chain of command is heartless and uncaring. My CC has yet to say one word to me, good or bad. (The Air Force taking care of his people)

One of the question on my mind is if the neuro guys recommend surgery, how would that affect the MEB process--especially if I refuse (I DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE). In all seriousness, I really need some help. I have 2 children (7yrs old and one 7 months). These guys have been uncaring and unresponsive (the base chaplin said that I should be on convalescent leave). My goal is to get some relieve and hopefully find a way to come out with something I can support my family with for a time(other than a stupid going away lunch after 8 years of service). Thank you


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First things first. Work the chain of command for the hospital, I think that you are of no use to your job, in your condition. Go fix that on monday. Notify your supervisor that you are going to the ER/Clinic as "sick call". Start there, and work your way up. Patiant affairs/medical first shirt/medical commander.

Jason will probably have more for you.

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