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Alpha Gal Syndrome


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Let me start by saying thank you to all who provide input here. I’ve looked through this forum for a while for my Sailors, but this is the first time for myself.

in October 2018 I was diagnosed with Alpha Gal syndrome. Basically this causes an allergy to all mammalian meat products. Some people have mild responses, but of course in my case, I go into full blown anaphylactic shock from it.

I was told by my ECM to contact PERS-454 and ask them the way ahead. they instructed me to contact my PCM and arrange to start the PEB process.
This morning it all began, fairly benign, as I’m sure most here know the process far better than I do. She basically said she going to submit it and then the process will actually begin.
Has anyone ever seen a rating for a condition like this?
The condition began when I was bitten by a lone star tick while at a crew served range in 2018, ate a cheeseburger a week later and ended up with an ambulance ride, 4 rounds of Epi and albuterol.
Might be too much information but I figured in this case more is better.
I also searched these forums but found nothing relative on the issue.