Am I getting Screwed

So I’ve been struggling with depression for some time while in the Air Force, and it’s really taken a toll on me, my family, and my work. I gained plenty of weight, been on the high interest log, and have had a few incidents of self harm in the form of cutting, among other things. I’ve been going to mental health about every week since last September and a possible med board was brought up around February, which I said was in my best interest as I feel it can be pretty difficult to recover in the military environment. Since then my provider started assembling a package and basically telling me to start thinking about plans for after separation.

The problems started when I took several psych tests at the clinic to include in my package, in late March. Since then the computer that prints that testing has been broken and they are unable to conduct or retrieve any testing at all. So I’ve been waiting some time for said results, and following up as often as I could. I also made the mistake of signing a release of information to my command so they could also follow up on my case. This past week I asked if the package could be sent up without the testing because it’s quite obvious that it’s not going to be fixed anytime soon. They told me that even after my consistent depressed mood, my self harm, my suicidal ideations, my constant fatigue, I still don’t have diagnosable depression or any other mental illness, and that they talked with my leadership about just admin separating me instead. I was pretty upset by that, and I was quite visibly shaken when I returned to work after that exchange. My first sergeant showed up at my house later that evening, not asking if I was ok, but rather to push me to take an admin sep under general instead of a med board, which in his words is “just prolonging the process to get a higher disability percentage”. I feel like I’m getting screwed from all angles here. I recently failed my 3rd PT test because of the weight gain/low energy, and I can’t help but feel like my leadership somehow is involved in my provider’s 180 on the med board(even before he sees the results of the psych testing) because of the failure.

I went to the patient advocate yesterday to see about that psych testing computer problem, and also about how I don’t even have a diagnosis. How the hell can they even prescribe me antidepressants without an official diagnosis? That seems so off to me. I’ve been having some pretty extreme anxiety about this whole thing and I don’t know what to do next to help my situation...

Thanks for reading, I apologize if I’m not making any sense, it’s been a crazy few days.


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So I had similar issues with my knees, I am in the Marines and don't know exactly how different it all is but I'm pretty sure in the long run it's all the same.
First if your command is coming to your house at all after hours and trying to persuade you into anything such as "just taking it" then they are in the wrong and you need to be keeping track of the time and date and what was said (I would write it down).
Then you don't have to accept that discharge you can request yourself to go on the MEDBOARD and they cannot deny your request. So I would for sure find someone in your command that you trust and tell them that that is what you want to do and it is your right to do it and see what they can do to help you.
Then in the Marines we can ICE the hospital or any medical unit if things aren't correct , like them telling you that they don't have records and that you don't have anything and you can put in the ICE complaint that your doctor gave information to your command without you knowing, that is HIPPA. I would do that and things will start to change. You should then request to see a different doctor and request to speak with the senior staff of the hospital to talk about what has happened.

Further more I would request mast or file and EO complaint about your command and how they are trying in influence you and don't have any real justification to do so. You need to make sure that you stay out of trouble, do not disrespect anyone, and walk a tight rope when doing all this because it is really going to piss people off. No one in the military likes medical issues and just want them out you have to keep that in mind because that is the mind set of the whole military.

Your command does not need to support you in this you even get to write your own statement of why you think you should be medically separated and you can talk about your command climate issues in this statement. I would recommend having a visit with an attorney when you get to this stage, but trust me there is a way around your command, if I did it in my command anyone can do it!
Don't give up because it is your life and try and stay calm because you don't want to end up in the hospital because your dealing with too much.



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1. You can withdraw your consent to share medical information with your leadership at anytime, but some information can be shared without your consent.

2. If you took test and you want to see the results, complete a written request through the medical records folks. If not received in a few days, file an IG, then if necessary a Congressional. You are entitled to a copy of all medical records.

3. If a doctor prescribed antidepressants, there should be a SOAP note as to why. I suspect you will find a diagnosis in the SOAP (encounter) note.

4. Your first sergeant is advocating for the interest of the unit, as he/she sees it. Your job is to advocate for your interest.

Best regards
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