Any ideas on how to slow an MEB down after IPEB?

Camp P Marine

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10 days to respond to IPEB findings, VARR, FPEB request, 10 days to respond to FPEB findings, appeals you mentioned. Delay at each opportunity. Similar program to PLD or COAD for the AF? Perm LIMDU until 20 is PLD or COAD for unfit Navy/Marine & Army.

Camp P Marine

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If it's a rating issue you could do a VARR.

If there are other conditions that should be unfitting can be addressed at FPEB.

I had another unfit leg added at FPEB, but was not rated, so VA had to rate, then DOD issued findings based off combined ratings. I asked for a VARR for each issue, which I was in
creased b/c my R leg was rated in error at 10% to 20%.

Strikingly once I got out my ratings for the unfit conditions increased upon lots of persistent on my part, increase claims, etc.


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Do a VARR anyway, just ask for an increase for whatever condition... doesn’t matter.... a VARR will take generally about 2 months.

When I first read your post I thought you meant this August, but I see you’re trying to make it to aug 2019? That is a stretch. Ask for continuation.

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The initial IPEB offer stands until the day of your FPEB hearing. You can accept your IPEB findings any time up until that point.

As others have mentioned, the FPEB and the VARR will slow the process down by a few months, but they're not going to get you another year and 2 months.

Chaps recommended PLD (called Limited Assignment Status, LAS, in the Air Force). Limited Duty until 20 years is a great option in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps. Tragically, the Air Force has been making a habit of doing this exact thing to Airmen with over 17 years for a few years now. They're separating folks left and right, just months shy of their LOS retirement. PLD requests for folks over 18 years are rubber-stamped "YES" in the Navy. LAS requests in the Air Force are scrutinized much more heavily. This is going to be a much harder fight than it should be.

I would absolutely slow roll on the FPEB and the VARR to buy yourself a few more months. Then, I'd be filing for LAS. You'll want to show that there is a definite need for your specialty or skill set, and that your medical condition has more or less stabilized and won't be a threat to you or others. I'd also be looking at getting your elected officials to write letters supporting you. That's normally not helpful, but I think it has an impact when trying to stay on AD until retirement.

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