Anyone got an idea?

Nutmeg genesis

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I'm signing my package today to be sent to the peb, was wondering if anyone has any idea if I'm found unfit, when I'll have my proposed ratings.


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I started my case in April of 2018. C&P exam also in April. Received the Informal Board results and VA proposed ratings on Dec 7th. Requested a Formal PEB on Dec 21. Had the Formal Board on Jan 29th, and have not received the results yet. Once I receive them I'll be filing a VA reconsideration/ratings appeal because of a number of things that they screwed up. That apparently takes 1-2 months. I don't anticipate actual separation/retirement until May/June of this year.


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@Nutmeg genesis
This was my timeline. Hope it helps!
29 April retirement date.
-18 Feb EAS posted
-Mmsr-4 receives index from peb 6 Feb.
-Findings signed for 31 Jan
-VA claim complete and sent to peb 11 January,
-15 dec claim sent to VA for ratings.
peb found unfit 14 December
-case signed and sent off via plebo 24 October
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