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Hello all,

I am seeking legal advice for my meeting tomorrow with the flight doctor. I have been suffering from anxiety adjustment disorder (diagnosed by navy phychologist) and lack of sleep. This has been going on since July 22nd and worsened on August 10th on the ship. Tomorrow will be my second meeting with the doctor, and the following day we pull out. I am part of the air division, so I will be seeing the flight doctor. He said in our last meeting that he could not prescribe me ambien for an extended time due to drills on the ship while I'll likely be unconscious on that medicine. I've already had melatonin, benedryl, and tremadol prescribed with no success.

Tuesday morning the ship will be conducting drills off the shores of where it is currently moored for a few days. I was supposed to be able to talk to the flight doctor (the one authorized to start administrative Seperation) Friday but he was doing training at a school four hours away from here. Say tomorrow they try to continue having me stay on the ship living in this hell like lifestyle, what rights do I have? The division I am a part of is greatly concerned about me, and everyone in the chain of command knows. My LPO said to tell him if medical does not help, that he will continue using every resource possible.



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well someones gonna ask you so let me save you some time.

Do you want to stay in or get out?

2nd thing if you would be having panic attacks the whole time if you do ship out talk to your shirt/commander and if that does not work tell them you want to go to the ER. I know it depends on where you are im just saying what i would do if i was having panic attacks. If it keeps going like its sounding though you need to ask for a referral to a psychiatrist. I know its weird/taboo but its not your fault and you deserve the help to feel better. There's far too many people suffering in silence and self medicating.
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