ARBA - 1367 days and counting.


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With a initial submission date of January 2017, I successfully fought off their attempts to close my case once. But I’m afraid they just pushed me back to the lowest part of the queue. It’s been nearly 2 years since that battle was won, and the best updates I’ve gotten are cookie cutters. In April I was told “Our Case Management Division requested a medical advisory opinion from the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) medical staff. The issues presented require a review with our medical staff, which has a delayed adjudication. “

And in September asking for an update was “Your case is in the final stages of processing before consideration by the Board. I cannot provide a specific timeline for completion, but can assure you that the case is being processed as quickly as possible.

anyone have any insight into this? Anyone get fed these lines and have a case settled shortly there after?
The wait times should be criminal. My medical documentation was measured in pounds and ounces. 100% t&p VA. 0% army (wE dIDnT hAvE AnY DocUMeNtAtioN) was the line I was told by previous leadership after discharge.
My justification to ARBA was submitting the same records to the my command as well as the VA while still on active duty. I’m hopeful with the documentation having started during a deployment and the VA rating “70% (Combat)” should help my case, and I was told this might if I get any retirement percentage qualifying of csrc.


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BCMR cases are notoriously slow. Once the board makes a decision it is sent to the service for review, which can take many more months. If a favorable decision iis made it still take more months for the paperwork to flow through the service to DFAS and more time for DFAS to calculate and pay what is owed the member.
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