Army is trying to chapter me out instead of MEB


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I was diagonsed with great depression and they are trying to kick me out of army with 5-17.

I also have left leg problem, been on profile for 4 months, getting physical therapy done, but it isn't getting better at all.

How different is it from getting MEB and chapter?

Is it even possible to get compensation from chapter?


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My understanding of being released from the military with a chapter 5-17 on your DD214 is that the discharge is still Honorable or General administrative discharge. Doing your best to ensure that the discharge is Honorable can better your chances at receiving benefits like the GI Bill. The main difference is that the mental or physical issue that leaves you unable to complete your duties in the military is not considered severe enough to be labeled as a disorder or disability. Usually this is found with individuals with things like claustrophobia and sea sickness in the Navy. The military should still try to help you with your conditions in order to keep you AD. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe that you can appeal this process.
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