Army RCP vs MEB


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Army National Guard Title 32 AGR E6/SSG with 17.5 Active Federal Service years.

I am receiving an Article 15 with intention of reduction of rank. Already received 1st reading and waiting on 2nd reading.

While COC was deciding what type of punishment to do, I was given a P3 profile for BH PTSD and MMD due to MST from past deployment and was referred to DES/MEB. However due to uniqueness of National Guard, I am in the DES but not officially referred to the IDES and MEB yet, which should be accomplished in the next few weeks.

Once the 2nd reading is concluded and I am reduced from E6 to E5, I will hit RCP for the new rank and be removed from AGR and placed back into the traditional 1 weekend a month soldier no earlier than 90 days and no later that 180 days.

Over the past few months, I have extensively researched this forum, internet, Army and NGB regulations and DODi and I can’t find a thing that applies to my situation.

My question is will RCP trump or override the MEB? Or will the soldier protections offered by AR 635-40 and DODI 1241.01 allow me to finish the MEB or will I be put on some type of medical hold orders or extended until the MEB is finished?


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This is one that you may want to discuss with TDS. The uniqueness of your medical issues may have ben a contributing factor towards your violation of UCMJ.
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