arthritis due to the strain


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Hello all, looking for help/advice...............i would like to ask the Expert Panel the following questions I was denied lower back claim 4 times EACH TIME WITH A NEXTEL LETTER my question is could i file for arthritis due to the strain as a different claim are is it one of the same .I will be waiting for your reply with great anticipation. Thank you for protecting my family on your watch for that we will be forever indebted to you what a unselfish act on your behalf


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If you don't have medical evidence in your notes they will deny sometimes even with a nexus if their doctors do not concur. With strains, they tend to deny claiming its not permanent only a temporary condition but you can try with arthritis but that's harder if you are a lot older the VA will say its more age related.


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If you have evidence that your arthritis is service connected (SC) then file away. Conditions that develop after military service that are linked to SC condition can also be considered SC. For example you have a SC hip rating, then later your knee and/or ankle are effected. This is allowed because there is sufficient medical evidence that bad hips can lead to other problems below the hip due to changes in gait.

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Hello please looking for advice, I am in the National Guard I’ve received a back injury during annual training at Fort Hood I was diagnosed with several bulging disks and a fracture this happened in 2016, I continue training and was very careful in the way I did things to prevent further injury but as an Infantryman and in charge of a Squad of young soldiers that is very hard to accomplish. In 2017 deployed to Africa and the night we landed at Fort Bliss I re injured my back and taken back to hospital they decided to put me in WTU in route back to Fort Hood. I remained there for approximately 30 day when they decided to give me a no running#2 profile and released under fit for duty status back to my Infantry unit I was told that I can’t remain 11B but I can do other things to help the military like Computers but will have to re-class , My command will not do that because I’ve got less than 2 years to retire so they won’t medically retire me . After I got released from WTU my back injury has progressed and now I cannot use my right leg due to the immense pay that shoots down my leg. I have been walking on crutches but can only do it for 5 minutes at the time.I just turned 50 and can’t return to my other job as a Corrections lieutenant for 26 years now, just seen the doctor that evaluated me for my disability rating but that’s sometime around April when they will tell me the results of that. I have been on sick leave for 5 months now and my time is about to expire at my job so I will lose insurance there , still have Tricare for 180 days after my deployment which puts it around April also. My next drill is the 28th of this month and will have tho go there in crutches and don’t know how helpful I can be with the training of my soldiers. I have been waiting to receive any type of surgery but doctor have to go tru their checklist and try all less evasive means before surgery which none of them had work if anything made things worse. My patience and money are running out and don’t know what to do anymore, please is there something I am missing. I have deployments starting from Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan enduring freedom and recently Somalia Africa Operation Freedoms Sentinel so yes I am broken and tired just need advice Thanks!
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