At what point do I submit my personal impact statement?


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My package was submitted 30 Nov 17, and I have my first appointment with the VA on 16 Jan 18. My PEBLO is pretty terrible at responding to questions via email and phone (I'm at a remote duty station), so she's never responded to me when I've asked at what point I submit my personal impact statement, and to whom. Can anyone else advise?? Thanks


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@chaplaincharlie my understanding is that it is not submitted with the initial MEB; but when (if at all) in the process can you submit a personal impact statement? Is it only during a formal PEB? What if I want to include impact statements from senior direct supervisors? For instance, I work directly for an O-5 and civilian SES-3.

I guess this helps to underscore the importance and impact of influencing the Commanding Officer's impact statement on the NARSUM. Most Navy commands I have experienced allow service members to draft their own evals, recommendation letters, etc. Crafting the message towards a desired outcome seems very important.
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