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Got back from my holiday vacation in Colombia late last night! I was checking in from time to time but may have missed some of your posts. As you can probably imagine, I have to attend to some cases so it will take me some time to look at and respond to anything that seems important or of interest to many members.

I will also post some photos of my vacation. My wife is from Colombia and I really have not taken a vacation (or visited her family) in about 4 years, so this year we decided to go and visit for Christmas and the New Year. I had some pretty neat experiences there and took a lot of photos, so if anyone is interested, you can see some of them when I get some time to post them.

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday Season. I look forward to continuing the fight for member's rightful benefits in the New Year and for as long as it takes to make changes to the system.

(Okay, a few photos now...The rest I will post in my album on my profile page).


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