Base has a delayed MEB process. What can I do now?


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Myself and another of my bros going through this whole debacle went down to the MEB office to check for a new year update and were told that there was a delay because the clinic was "short-staffed" and that the prepped packages hadn't been sent to providers for review (I guess they have to be seen locally by 3 providers who have never touched our records) before any of us can sign for the findings and send it off to AFPC for the IPEB. On top of that the current PEBLO is leaving and he said that there are two more people replacing him in the works for a changeover. I'm guessing this means more delays and shit. What I don't understand is, if my package along with however many others has been prepped (post VA C&P exams compiled ready for review by the local board) but not sent to the doctors, can I just call my PCM and have him send it to three other doctors? PEBLO said something about AFPC not accepting cases until they have done X Y Z review or something. I'm done being patient with this, my life is passing me by and I don't have time for this shit anymore. Once it goes to AFPC I understand they're on their own timeline but this base I'm at is just friggin horrible at getting anything done in a timely manner. PEBLO also mentioned that he is now responsible for all the bases in the state not just the one I'm at, so wtf now? My friend and I are both on the 15 or so people whose packets are ready but just sitting there in limbo. Is it possible to have my MEB case transferred to another base with a speedier PEBLO? I tried getting myself switched to another base but they wouldn't allow that either. I'm starting to regret not choosing LDES now lol...


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I have never heard of an MEB being transferred to another PEBLO. The system has always accepted delays by staff, but not those by the member. The IG might help.
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