BCMR first?


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I have been searching to find answers, but my situation doesn't seem to match exactly to any that I have read.

I was medically separated from the Army on 10APR2009 with a rating of 20% for bi-lateral peripheral neuropathy (there were additional conditions submitted to the PEB, but this was the only one for which they returned a rating). Throughout the diagnosis/MEB process, I was fighting to stay in, but since they couldn't figure out how to fix me, they sent paperwork to the PEB. After I was separated, the VA rated this condition at 10% per leg (to my knowledge, this was the only rating available without being able to site a specific underlying cause). At the same time, I also submitted for the other conditions which did not receive ratings from the PEB. The total combined rating I received from the VA was 80%. After receiving a letter from the DOD, I find that I am eligible for review through the PDBR, to have my DOD rating increased, and obtain medical retirement status.
Here are my questions:
1. Since the additional conditions were not initially rated, would I need to have these added to my record in some way by the BCMR, before submitting to the PDBR?
2. Do I need to seek legal counsel, or do I stand a decent chance on my own? If I need to consult an attorney, any idea who to call?
3. I have not been able to find a specific list of conditions which would deem a service member "unfit". Does such a list exist?
4. If a condition is not one which is "unfitting", could this change when viewed jointly along with the rest?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Look at the resources section of this website. There is a copy of each services guidance for unfitting conditions. Review you conditions and the conditions in the service guidance. If you have conditions that are in your service guidance for unfitting conditions that were not considered at the the time you should press forward.

I think legal counsel is a great option. The process is convoluted and sometimes an attorney is great investment in a person's future.
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