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BCMR Timeline


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I received my AFBCMR advisory opinion last week in the mail. It said my next correspondence will be the results from the board. Does anyone have any recent gouge on how backlogged they are at the board right now?

Getting my AO after only one month from submission seems like record speed... so I just want to set my expectations on how long I am planning on waiting. Granted, it is only $200-$300 a month difference in my favor, I am not in a rush.

Thanks for the help!


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I got my AO from the BCNR almost three months ago on like the second to last day of January 2020. Unfortunately this covid-19 stuff has slowed everything down at the boards. So you’re probably gonna be waiting for a hot minute as this virus outbreak and quarantine stuff is still around. I do hope you get a good answer soon.