BCMR what to include when requesting medical referral for FPEB?


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Hello everyone, I have petitioned a board because I should have been sent from a MEB to a PEB and so forth proceedings. Was wrongfully found "fit". Now, for the application, to show the burden with substantial information that proves that what should have occurred is one thing (and I should say, one battle) and for the other because I am requesting an FPEB legacy should I also include all my medical support possible? The rationale is, I figured once the board see's that I should have been referred (wrongful actions by my unit command) they will forward everything for the PEB to review and the PEB will contact me and I will then submit everything to them. Seems more logical to me. I could be doing this wrong, any all advice is appreciated.

I also plan to retain legal assistance immediately so to present everything properly to counsel. However, I am in idle for the decision now awaiting. Either way, primary concern is to be squared away with this as a primary priority. They have imaging records (MRI) and such, which would qualify for a referral - I have more but I just don't know if it is necessary at this point.
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