BCNR update


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So after 14.5 months as of today I still haven’t heard anything back from the BCNR. I started this process on 02/12/2019. This virus has also slowed down everything over there. I still don’t have a number or a way to contact them. Pretty much any phone number I do come across no one answers or it’s just some random person whose not associated with the BCNR at all. All I’ve gotten as far as communication is concerned is a email detailing my docket number two weeks after submitting my paperwork. Then I got an Advisory Opinion almost 3 months ago on the last day of January 2020. I just don’t have any idea what to do now. I’m coming up on that 18 month mark. I hear that once I get there they’ll speed things up if I email them that it’s been 18 months and still no answer on my case. Although with this virus outbreak nothing is certain anymore. If anyone has a number I can use to contact them I would be very grateful.

I keep hoping getting an Advisory Opinion means that this is gonna wrap itself up soon. All I want is a recode changed so I can get back into the military. I’m hoping that the quotas are not that great right now. According to my recruiter this will help me out if they’re having trouble with getting people to join.
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