Beginning of MEB process, HELP!!


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Active duty been in 3 years, airborne at Bragg as a combat engineer. So 10 months ago in march I got into a car accident when I was a restrained passenger in the backseat. Knocked out and ambulanced to hospital before transferring me to another. Separated shoulder. 2 fractures ribs. Lacerations. T10-T11 compression fractures / with T7-9 endplate irregularities. diagnosed on x ray and CT. April 20th for follow up Ct scan findings are same t10-11 fractures but I read now "in the setting of significant scheuermanns disc disease. Never had MRI done.

Okay so 6 months after the accident and pain had became much worse and now tingling/pins going down my left leg into foot, they finally did MRI. Findings I have a Syrinx from T2-3 and mild multilevel spondylosis. DDD. Not sure if that was found on MRI or x ray but degenative disc disease is in there. Alllll this is done off post.

I had my fit for duty appointment and doc agrees I'm not fit for 12B anymore or army. But doesn't know where the tingling and pins are coming from my leg. Ordered lumbar MRI and found small bulge in disk. He believes it is coming from that. Not from the Syrinx? Idk. Sooo i get a call and the meb starts. My FIRST appt is with a med board doctor. Walk into his office and he pulls up on his computer the narsum. I've researched quite a lot so I already knew a lot of what to expect and that.

Okay trying to shorten it up, we talked and he started reading me this narsum he started writing up. But told me it is far from done being that I haven't even saw the va or peblo or anybody yet. But he says my UNFIT FOR DUTY is
T10-11 Compression fracture with chronic pain

Bilateral Degenative Disc Disease with R1 Radiculopathy L5S1.
Or something like that.

Can't remember it exactly. I asked him what about the Syrinx? I've heard that is rated off of a diagnosis alone. And he says he will not put that in there because it was an incidental finding on MRI and I was probably born with it. Which in my head I'm like wellll I've never had any back problems before this accident, or ever diagnosed with anything. He said I can try to claim it or whatever I want through the va once I see them.

And he said scheuermanns I cannot claim on there as UNFIT FOR DUTY because I was most likely born with it, but never saw of this in the x rays right after the accident in the findings. Okay but even if I was born with it I'm sure the accident aggravated it. I never noticed my hunchback until months after this car accident. Friends and family say the same. Wore a brace for 3 months after car accident and since then my backs been feeling worse then what it did couple months after the accident. So if I can just have some advice as should I hire a personal lawyer already to try to get this Syrinx and scheuermanns or anything else claimed or? Do I need to see a neuro to say if this Syrinx is trauma related or not. Which I've read it is near impossible to tell. What about scheuermanns do I need an orthopedic to write SCHEUEMANNS DISEASE WAS AGGRAVTED BY CAR ACCDIDENT? Idk. Any idea on what ratings I'm looking at or? Ohhh and the MEB doctor said if he was to put Syrinx in there as unfit it would just confuse the colonels in Washington. And that my ratings are going to based off ROM and doesn't matter is Syrinx or scheuemanns is in there or not pretty much.

Pain Managnent doctor also told me I have soo much arthritis in my back looking at these x rays. Never heard that until I talks to her
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