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Looking for advice and help!!

23 years total time between Navy and WV ANG. 7years active the rest as a full time technician/guardsman. Recently returned from 7 month deployment in Afghanistan with several health issues { vertigo, migraines}. I am being treated at local VA for these issues as well as PTSD/Anxiety/Depression for approx 2 months. I was recently taken off of worldwide duty for these issues. I am now being told that I have to start going to a MTF to start diagnosis/treatment all over. No one in my medical unit seems to now how this works, so I am confused. Will the DR at the MTF take into account the diagnosis and treatment I have recieved from the VA or will they start these tests all over again? What if the dont agree on treatment and medicines? Which one should I listen to?

Thanks for any advice you can give


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As a now medically retired USAF'er with 16 1/2 years as an AD medic and 4 1/2 years with AFRC, I have come to understand that 'most' ANG/AFRC medical folks do not completely understand the LOD/MEB processes and provisions. Suggest you become familiar with the AFI's and DoD regulations----QUICKLY and fight for your pay and rights.

As a 'Citizen Airman' you are authorized to include any off-duty/off-base medical information in your USAF medical record and make sure that the Medical Officer INCLUDES those treatment and diagnoses in his/her summary for the LOD/MEB.

You also have the right to attach your own summary of care documentation for inclusion.
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