Being retired with open medical issues Admin lod/ Informal LOD


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three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr and referred to a cardiologist. Thus requiring continued care. I was told by MPF I would not be retiring today, but put on med hold pending completion of investigation for new diagnosis. the clinic notified COB 09 Sep 11, that they only approved an administrative LOD. My question.......

If these conditions require continued care and a possible cardiac issue how is AFRC getting away with this? as it violates afi 36-2910 An Informal Line of Duty, AF Form 348, rather than an administrative, must be initiated for the following cases: When there is a likelihood an ARC member may apply for incapacitation pay. When the case involves service aggravated EPTS medical conditions. When the medical condition involves a disease process such as coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes mellitus, etc. or, All cardiac conditions, including heart attacks, rhythm disturbances, etc. When the member has been hospitalized. When the member requires continuing medical treatment or treatment in a civilian hospital. When the member is a sexual assault victim and has initiated restricted reporting of the crime. See paragraph 3.3.5 for guidance on required modified line of duty determination processing.
3.4.3. Informal LOD Determination - AF Form 348. If an LOD determination is required,

Clinic made NO annotations in med records regarding doc notes and recommendations.
Local IG told me to call the AFRC/SG if I want and answer.

I cannot get hold of anyone for assistance, if I retire today...i'm afraid that I am further screwed out of the way the clinic said to call the VA if I want treatment



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Don't put in for retirement. But be aware of the situation If you are discharged, you become a former member and not a retiree. I requested an extrension to my HYT retirement date and was granted extensions until the proper admin procedures were adhereed to. Lot of problems and heartaches but you got to stick to your guns. Last recourse is BCMR due to the fact the current climate is to get rid of reservists ASAP. Reg's are no help when you are dealing with people who are primed to deny you your rights. Try a Congressman.
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