Benefits - Magic Numbers


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Correct me if Im wrong on these magic numbers for certain benefits:

- 20 yrs + 50% disability gets you CR

- 30% service connected disability gets you a 10 point veteran job preference for any federal jobs up to GS 15 (except SES)

SO I guess -- if you have these numbers, you are good to go. Feel free to add more benefits in this section to help us out.


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30% is actually the magic #. let's say me 4 incstance. if the outcome of my MEB, IPEB and FPEB comes out to greater than 30% i am intitled to all the benefits of a 20yr. retiree even though i only have 10yrs. TIS and 8yrs. AD. (ie: commisary, bx/px, TRICARE 4 life, etc.)
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