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I first wanted to thank you all for posting your experiences on here. I’ve been silently following for several months. Left military in 2003. The Army initially proposed retirement but then changed it to 10 percent a few weeks later. Since I was in med hold for 3 years I didn’t fight it. Dumb I know. Va rated me at 60 at first, i did appeal that and it went to 80 percent. I’m now 100 but not p&t.
My Pdbr-assigned number was skipped again so I emailed them. They responded last night. Does this mean i may be close to a decision? My timeline looks like this:
Feb 2017 submitted my packet
April 2017 - received email confirmation they received
July 2017 -Email notice it was sent for adjudication

Here’s part of their reply below:

“In the narrative below, your case is in the Post Adjudication Phase. The narrative also shows the process and timelines:
When we receive your application, our Central Intake Unit (CITU) will confirm your eligibility, then they will begin to request copies of your VA medical and rating documents as well as your service Physical Evaluation Board related records. They will send you a letter letting you know these processes have started. This record collection process normally takes about 12-18 months. Once compiled, your case will be sent to the PDBR Board for review and adjudication. Finally, the Board's recommendation will be sent to your Service Secretary's designated decision authority for final action. Because of our detailed level of review, this process may take as much as 30 months”

Ty in advance for your response/advice.
Appreciate you all!


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@MissDjv40 You are not close to a decision. You are still in the beginning stages. Once you receive an email that your packet has left PDBR and is on it's way to your service unit for review then you should be close to a decision. I hope this helps.


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The timeframes they gave you seem to be pretty close. I submitted my letter 9/2016 and response back was 6/2018. Seems the Army works a bit different then the AF. I received no emails regarding the status update on mine. Quite frankly I forgot about it after being almost two years. Wasn't I shocked to see the final letter!! Good luck to you and keep us updated on your status.


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The results are not complete and often "skip" cases that are favorable to members. At least in my experience.

Well I sure hope this is the case. Either that or they just haven't worked my stuff yet. They received on 8MAR17 Last email I have from 25JAN18 states that my case was in record collection. No telling how long it was there or where it is at in the process now.
After looking at the cases that were uploaded in this batch and seeing all the unfavorable adjudications my tinfoil hat made me think maybe them skipping my number tells me they are working the documents needed for a favorable response. Who knows though, guess we will find out in 3 more months when they do another update.

Hopefully what you say is correct and my tinfoil hat didn't lie to me :)
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