Booz Allen Hamiliton Involvement in DES Pilot Program

Jason Perry

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I did not realize that Booz Hamilton was involved with the DES Pilot Program. I came across a reference to BH in the Directive Type Memo for the DES Pilot Program (found here, in the contacts: ). So, I did a Google search and found this:

Wounded Warriors - Taking Care of our Nation's Heroes

I don't know the scope of their involvement, nor if it is a good or bad thing. But rest assured, I am very interested in what services they are providing and if they are aiding or hindering the developments in the DES (both Pilot Program and otherwise).


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Having worked for a govt contractor I know first hand that their main objective is to never, ever finish a project. They just want to find ways around the GAO and create enough confusion within the customer base (DOD/DES) that the beaucracy doesn't have a clue what the contract language or deliverables require. Baffle them with B...s.... Just look at the flow chart in the presentation. Then the project has a life of its own for the contractor and of course job security for the govt employees involved in the project. I would not look for anything earth shaking that's for certain. BTW just returned from a nice week in Northeast Harbor.



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Hi Jason,
We were told by the med board office that Booz Allen double checked everything in the process. They even email the appropriate parties if the case does not get processed by the date mandated by the programs benchmarks. Of course it seemed to me that all it did was cause more work for the staff in the med board office and the VA office since nothing is actually processed within the appropriate time frame so now they have extra emails to answer. They also supposedly review the final medical findings of the NARSUM and will send it back to the doctors for review if something seems out of place. Not sure if they review all cases or just a random sampling. If I hear anymore I will let you know.
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