brain mri clear, eeg came back abnormal


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this is one of my newer issues to add to the list of things that have been happening to me since i injured my back in 2006 and 2 "failed" surgeries up to this point.

on 02 jan 2008 around 0200 i had an "electric shock-like" seizue type symptom that lasted for about 1 minute.
on 20 feb 2008 i passed out for about 3-5 minutes, while eating dinner at around 5pm. i became shakey, lost fine motor skills, could somewhat hear what was going on and was not oriented to date/time/place. these symptoms were different from the first episode and seemed to mimmick a stroke/TIA. i remember alittle about what happened.
on 22 feb 2008 the same stuff happend around the same time, just like the second episode, but it lasted longer, about 15 mins. max. i don't remember too much about this one.
on mar 2008 i had a similar episode at about 8pm while sitting down watching tv, where i was slightly unresponsive for about a minute.

i didn't have any warning signs during any of these episodes. i have been seeing a neurologist since the second one. i have no past history of any of these issues. i had a brain MRI that came back clean...good right? then today i got my eeg back and the doc. said it was abnormal in "the grey area". he ruled out strokes. TIA's etc.. he also does not think my meds. are an issue. i am on a med. for nerve pain for my back, which is also a seizue med.. so in theroy i should'nt be having seizures right?... now they want to do a 24hr eeg unit that i wear all day and if that comes back like it did before or clear he talked about adding a new seizure med.

enough babbeling. has anyone had any issues similar to this? also this is a whole new issue that was thrown into my MEB and i was wondering where to look. because @ this point i'm not classified w/seizures, just an initial diagnosis of possible vertigo, when this started. even the doc. is kind of unsure @ this point w/o additional testing and it may be some time if they switch me to a seizue med. any info. would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!!!

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I hope they figure out what is going on with you and you are able to control/treat these "seizures."

It is hard to say for sure how this would be rated as the diagnosis and condition/symptoms may change. But even if not diagnosed as seizures, the symptomology appears close enough that you would probably be looking at a rating by analogy to seizures (assuming they don't eventually classify them as "seizures.") In the Table of Analagous codes, this is listed as syncopal episodes (seizure associated) rated under code 8999-8911. I think that you will be rated under the criteria found in 8911 (petit mal seizure).
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