C&P and NARSUM Discussion


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I received my C&P results on 27 July 2016, The next day I received a call from the physician who is writing my NARSUM concerning my unfit conditions. I was input for an MEB due to cervical radiculopathy and Cervical spinal stenosis as unfitting conditions. The C&P for ROM is

Forward flexion 10 degrees
Extension 10 degrees
Right lateral 10 degrees
Left lateral 10 degrees
right lateral rotation 20 degrees
left lateral rotation 20 degrees

Radicular pain was noted as moderate. Can you offer an opinion on what I will receive as a DOD rating? During our conversation the physician stated that he will add as unfitting conditions to my NARSUM, PTSD and major depression disorder. The DSM-5 criteria is"Yes" and the ICD code is F 43.10, F34.1 and F 10.20. So with this being said I am anxious to read the NARSUM and go forward with this process.
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