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Hello All,

I am an active duty E9 with 22 years of service. I am currently going through a medical board and recently completed my last C&P exam on Monday. I was able to see the C&P report the doctor wrote and it was completely untrue!

Background: My wife and I walked in the room. He introduced himself and I took a seat. He immediately asked me to raise my arms above my head. I attempted to but my shoulders dislocate, are torn and have severe degeneration and OA. He said no problem, turned around; asked me a few questions and said we were done.

I did an out brief with another doctor putting all the exams together and he told me it would be fine. At worst it would default to 10% and I could go back to the VA and ask for an increase. I told him I was not okay with that because I was there at the hospital and we could do an accurate exam while I am there. I went back and talked to the doctor doing my exam and he said, "don't worry, your medical record is well documented for your shoulders!" I told him, I am not refusing the exam, I just have a lot of pain in my shoulders and limited range of motion. In fact, the week before I was in the ER because my shoulder dislocated walking my 15 pound rat terrier.

Reading the exam, 75% of the information he wrote is made up. I never refused the exam. Later in the exam he notes, I have no pain, full range of motion and 5/5 for strength. If I refused the test, how did he determine that? He cut and paste my x-rays and MRI's that say exactly the opposite of what he did.

The final report is not in yet. What are my options?

Thank you!


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Tough, you cannot tell these examiners what you are willing to do not do. You should have raised your arm until it hurt and stopped if that ROM is only parallel to your shoulders or lower oh well that's as far as you can go. Most of your ratings for these exams are ROM only so just do what you can. See if you can request another exam or have your current doctor fill out a DBQ on your behalf.


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I actually started to raise my arms and told him it hurt. He never went any further with the exam. Also of note, I found out he was doing my hands and hips. As I read farther down the exam. He said he performed all kinds of tests on me but none of them were performed.
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