C&P to Narsum


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I finished my C&P exams on May 4th, and the VA says they received and uploaded the exams on May 7th. My PEBLO says she has yet to receive the exams to send them in for the MEB provider. Is there a step in between that I am unaware of? Thanks in advance.


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No there’s nothing to do but wait. Depending on who did your C&P’s, it takes time. I had QTC and they were spread over a 3 week period. I was told QTC holds all of them until they’re all complete, then does a QA/QC on them. If anything is wrong they’ll send it back to the providers to have it fixed, then do the process of QA/QC again, before they actually submit it to the VA. I wasn’t even notified once they got them. Next call I got from my PEBLO after my C&P’s was saying my MEB was done and results were in my email. I know the wait is frustrating. Trust me.
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