Can you MEB if you have a mandatory retirement date set?


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Background: I am a US Army Warrant Officer with 28 years of service. I have had a few serious, but manageable, medical issues and know when I retire, I should go through an MEB.

If I do not get selected for my next rank, I will have roughly 7 months to retire. I would prefer to wait on the results prior to applying for an MEB. If I am not selected, is it too late to start the MEB process?

I know if I am in the MEB process prior to the list being released, I will finish the MEB process regardless of the time it takes. I also know if I start the process and get promoted, it will be hard to stop the MEB. I just don't know if I can start the process after I have a mandatory retirement date.

This is not about getting a few extra months of service. I enjoy my job and plan on getting promoted. I had a brush with cancer and I have some combat injuries, so I know a medical retirement is the best answer when the time is right to ensure I am eligible for the most benefits. I just do not want to wait too long.

Jason Perry

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No, it is "never too late." BUT (you knew that was coming)....

You may end up in a situation where the presumption of fitness rule applies to your case. That would make any unfitness findings more difficult to occur.

Best of luck!
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