Can you request a MEB Review to see if you should of received retirement instead of medical separation after 2009?


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I was in the Navy and back in 2011, I had a kidney stone that sent me into septic shock I was on bed rest for 30 days after a 10 day stay at the hospital. After this stone, I passed half a dozen over the next 2 years and developed chronic pain from nerve damage around the kidneys. This put me on LIMDU and eventually on a med board. I started my med board process while in Guam they submitted it all to the Med board for processing, I received med board orders to transfer to San Diego for the processing. Once I was in San Diego, I started off with a meeting with the Med Board personal and got placed with a tempory department while my case was reviewed. After a few months of hearing nothing, I started to question what was going on. I was then informed that I needed to have 3 LIMDU chits before they could process me in for a Med Board. I showed them all the paperwork from GUAM again and informed them I had all that in Guam and was transferred to San Diego to wait for the final decision and process out.
Well that didn't go apparently something was messed up and I started all over. This start over cost me greatly as my new med board paperwork did not have anything for my kidney stones in it as I did not have a stone in the last 6 months due to the meds they had me on and the Urologist in San Diego wouldn't sign off on it because he had not treated me for stones. It seemed as though no one looked at the paperwork from Guam and that entire process. It was months of back and forth with no solution. My paperwork was finally sent up to the med board and came back rather quickly. Now while waiting for my med Board I had to have a Spinal Cord Stimulator placed to help control the pain.
I have issued 20 % VA rating for Chronic Pain and TMJ and 0 percent for DOD. I was told this was based on what was sent in and my VA rating being so low. Since my Discharge in 2013. I have filed new claims with slow increases and letters stating no new information. I then signed up with Texas Veterans Commission and with them, I finally received a rating of 90% this was only after we sent in all the paperwork from the Med Board from Guam showing that was what the doctors over there stated my med board was based on.
I was wondering if there is a way to appeal the first med board decision? Since it took me submitting my original med board papers to get a 90%, I feel if they had this information instead of what the new command placed for a med board I would have been 90% at discharged which should of lead to a DOD rating for retirement.
Anyone know if this can be appealed and if so how to go about it?
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