Can you stay in the Navy with MS


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Im wondering can you stay in the Navy with MS. I had a relapse about 2 mths ago and they had me put in my paper work for a med board. My eye sight is a little blurry but i can still see. It has not reached my spine. I have remitting-relapsing MS. Should I even try to fight it or are they for sure going to kick me out.


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I was dx with RRMS in March 2009. I've been in the disability processing line ever since... Currently my case is at the Secretary of the Air Forces Personnel Counsel for final review after I filed an appeal to the FPEB decision. I fought hard for USAF to retain me but it looks like I'll get the minimum rating of 30% disability which qaulifies me for medical retirement (PDRL). Even with 9 1/2 years in (currently) and a stellar record it looks like USAF will retire me. Good news is that they cannot rate you less that 30% and 30% qualifies you for retirement :)

My advice to you is plan for retirement which is your worst case scenario. Start now by getting a copy of your medical records up to the present date. You can always go back later and request from the last date to the current date. I do this every few months depending on how many times I've been seen by a doctor. KNOW WHAT IS IN YOUR RECORD. It's very important to know what is or isn't in your record. If you broke your hip 2 years ago and it's not in your record now is the time to track down the paperwork for it. Go to a Transition Assitance class (we call it TAP in USAF) and then do it again 6-12 months from now. The more prepared you are for the worst case scenario the less painful it will be, even less so if you do get retained!

Currently Lawyers Serving Warriors is at full capacity but as soon as they tell you that an MEB is the next course of action check Lawyers Serving Warriors and see if they are still at capacity. If not, I highly recommend applying. I did this and ended up w/ a pro bono lawyer in San Antonio who blew the socks off my FPEB panel. You can also contact the Disabled Vets Association and the VFW. I am in Germany so those two were not available here.

I'm not familiar with the Navy process but I assume it's pretty similar to the USAF process. You are your own defense in this process. If the guys you will be working with for an MEB are anything like mine they won't care about you or your case. You need to do the research, find the regulations and become an expert on the process. You've already found this site which is a huge step in the right direction. I'd advice posting in the NAVY forum since those who post there are probably most familiar with the Navy process. If the Navy has time lines for certain steps know what they are so you can hold them accountable for it!

Currently in USAF total processing time from start through the FPEB is 12+ months. I filed an appeal to SAFPC and that alone is taking 6+ months. My guess is it'll be another 45-60 days before I get the final decision. It's a lengthy process, just don't let your boss/leadership give you a bunch of busy work if you are capable of much more than that. Feel free to PM me if you've got questions or post them here and I'll try and answer as best I can :) GOOD LUCK!


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Hey just looking for more info on this thread as I am also an active duty Sailor with MS and I can not seem to get anyone to tell me what is actually going to happen!


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My best advice for you Andrea is to plan for retirement. That's really the only thing you can plan for and it gives you lots of time to make sure your stuff is in order in the event they do retire you.

No one can really say if you will get to stay or not. I honestly believe it has a lot to do with your job. In USAF a diagnosis of MS makes you non-deployable and you are CONUS only for assignments. Some jobs this probably wouldn't be an issue but for my job it also meant I couldn't fly anymore so USAF retired me. I have heard of others getting to stay with MS though.


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i heard it kinda depends on med dependents too. it was a question i had to answer. i am planing on retirement, you should too. sucks, but just look on the bright side of things. i am currently waiting on orders to go to the formal board in tx, im trying to get a better raiting
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